Alum Rock/San Jose, CA- $1,450,000
Seller – Dissolved family ownership, 10 heirs.
Buyer – Local Investor; Cash buyer

R&D/Office Building
Remuda/San Jose – $1,550,000
Near airport & major freeways – 10,000 sqft
Sellers – Dissolved Partnership, and each purchased a income property in a vacation area.

Hamilton/San Jose, CA- $888,888
Seller – purchased a retail strip center in Sacramento, CA area.

NNN Restaurant – IHOP Restaurant
Phoenix, AZ – $2,842,000

NNN Grocery Store – Trader Joe’s
South San Francisco, CA – $4,000,000
Buyer – Sold Apartment complex and purchased this property

NNN Fast Food – Popeye’s Chicken
McAllen, TX – $1,400,000, new 20 year lease
Buyer – Sold a single family rental property (CF=$400) exchanged and increased cash flow to $3,400/month.

Alpha/Campbell – $890,000
Remodeled units, sold above asking price
Seller – Wanted cash to start a business.

NNN Restaurant – Marie Callenders Restaurant
Santa Rosa, CA – $2,400,000
Buyer – Family sold ranch/farm land to developer, so heirs could purchase.
Corporate run store with established sales history

NNN Fast Food – Burger King
Buffalo, NY – $800,000
Buyer – sold a Duplex in Redwood City and tripled monthly cash flow.

NNN Retail Center – Fresh Choice, Quizno’s, AT&T wireless, other
Buyer – Cash investment, Sold 2 years later for $6,000,000

12 unit Apartment
Ocean Street, Santa Cruz, CA- $1,240,000
Buyer – Cash investment, no exchange.

4 plex
Davis St., San Jose, CA – $505,000
All ground floor units and private garages.
Seller – dissolved partnership, some kept cash, some exchanged.

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